Early Childhood Orthodontics

Growing Faces without Braces

Guiding early facial growth holistically using an Osteopathic appliance known as the “ALF”.

Below are some valuable articles on the value of Early Childhood Orthodontics

Introducing the Advanced Light Force (ALF) Appliance

By James M. Bronson, DDS; J. Alexander Bronson, DMD; Cathy Holway, PT, DPT 

The use of a light-force oral mechanism to facilitate orofa- cial reorganization and optimize oral-motor function.

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Rapid Improvement of Enlarged Tonsils Following Treatment with an ALF (Advanced Light Force) Appliance

By James M. Bronson, DDS 

Click here for full article AAGO Tonsil Article


Early Treatment with the ALF Functional Appliance

By James M. Bronson, DDS; James Alexander Bronson, DMD

The aim of this study is to report five cases of children treated with an interceptive technique utilizing ALF (Advanced Light Force) functional orthodontic appliances in anterior and/or posterior cross bites in primary and early mixed dentition.

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