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Dr. Dutton was my dentist when she was practicing in the Bay Area.  What I remember with Dr. Dutton was that:
1) She seemed VERY up to date as far as the latest options available compared to other dentists I’ve had.
2) The service was painless compared to my other dentists.
3) She didn’t make me feel like a moron for not being as diligent as I should be with regards to my flossing habits or lack of back then.
Great experience overall and I was sad to lose her as a dentist when she moved her practice.

– Danny T (San Francisco, CA)

For health conscious reasons I decided to have all 18 of my Amalgam fillings removed.  I chose Dr. Dutton because she understood the need for using a rubber dam, and continuous suction/air evacuation for the entire procedure.

We were planning on accomplishing this very long procedure over the course of two consecutive visits; however, once we started, she decided to stay after hours and finish in one day! 8 hours of work!  I was very pleased. The pain was minimal, and the procedure went smoothy as planned.

I found the staff very pleasing, and easy to communicate with as well. I would recommend her to anyone in need of dental work, or amalgam filling removal.

– John C. Provo (UT)

I recently changed dentists, because I was spending more time in Redding than in Oakland.  I went to Dr. Dutton and had a very informative experience.  She was quite thorough and told me that I had more cavities than my old dentist ever found.  At first I was frustrated and depressed at the news but decided to return and get them filled anyway.  I realized that this dentist’s philosophy is preventative dentistry, and she fills cavities before they become real problems rather than let things go until a root canal or a crown is needed.  During my second visit, we found a small hole that led to a crack and finally discovered another cavity that was undetected by the x-rays.  I was very happy that I went back to her and had my fillings, because my teeth feel much stronger and feel much less sensitive.  I appreciate her thoroughness and desire to treat my teeth completely from the start in order to save me money in the long run.  I highly recommend this dentist.

-Else D. (Oakland, CA)

Dr Dutton gives pain free injections!  I am terrified of shots and I didn’t even feel it. She puts on a topical first and then injects slowly. Without fear, I can now keep my mouth healthy!

-Mark D. (Redding, CA)

Dr. Dutton is an excellent dentist. . . .she has cleaned my teeth many times, also did my first crown, and made a mouth guard for me which has lasted 10 years.   I love her office which has the most modern equipment so discomfort is minimal.

-Kathy D. (Berkley, CA)

Franziska Dutton has been my dentist for the last three years and she has the most incredible quality, friendliest personality (her entire team as well), and is sure willing to make sure that I am comfortable during my appointment.  If anybody has trepidation going to the dentist they will be made totally comfortable at her office.  I whole heartedly recommend her as a Redding dentist!

-Eric V. (Redding, CA)

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