At The Healing Art of Dentistry, we embrace the latest in dental technology to ensure our patients receive the most efficient and comfortable care possible. Dr. Franziska Dutton and Dr. Daniel Cohen, are pleased to offer digital impressions, a modern alternative to traditional dental molds.

What are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions utilize advanced scanning technology to create a highly accurate 3D model of your teeth and gums. This innovative process is not only quick but also comfortable for the patient. Here are several key benefits of digital impressions:

  • Accuracy and Precision: Digital technology captures exact details of the dental structure, which helps our dentists in creating well-fitted dental restorations and appliances.
  • Comfort: Eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional molds that can cause gagging.
  • Efficiency: Speeds up the treatment process as digital files can be sent directly to the lab, reducing wait times for procedures like crowns, bridges and orthodontics.
  • Visualization: Allows patients and dentists to view the teeth and gums in 3D, enhancing understanding and communication regarding treatment options.

We leverage digital impression technology to enhance the diagnostic and treatment planning process, ensuring precision and patient comfort. For more information on how digital impressions in Redding, California, can benefit your dental care, please contact us at 530-241-4134. Join us to experience the future of dental care.