At The Healing Art of Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing advanced solutions for the growth and development of children’s dental and facial structures. Led by our dentists, Dr. Franziska Dutton and Dr. Daniel Cohen, we utilize innovative approaches like the Myobrace® and Vivos System® to correct dental and skeletal irregularities early in life.


The Myobrace system focuses on treating the underlying causes of crooked teeth without the need for braces. This treatment method is ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 15. The primary goals of Myobrace include:

  • Habit Correction: It helps in correcting poor oral habits that lead to developmental issues.
  • Dental Alignment: Promotes natural growth and alignment of the teeth.
  • Facial Development: Aids in the development of the facial muscles to support optimal dental structure.

Vivos System:

The Vivos System is another revolutionary approach that addresses sleep disordered breathing and its impact on dental and facial development. Suitable for both children and adults, the Vivos System can significantly improve quality of life and health by:

  • Enhancing Airway Structure: Expands the airways, improving the breathing during sleep.
  • Promoting Proper Jaw Development: Encourages the jaw to develop in a way that supports a healthy airway.

We employ these systems to ensure every child has the opportunity to achieve optimal oral health and facial development. For more details, please call us at 530-241-4134. Our team is here to guide your child’s growth and development with the most effective and gentle treatments available for early guided growth and development in Redding, California.