At our dental office, we harness the power of cutting-edge dental technology to enhance your treatment experience. Dr. Franziska Dutton and Dr. Daniel Cohen, are dedicated to providing precise, efficient and comfortable dental care through modern advancements.

Why Technology Matters in Dentistry:

The integration of advanced technology into our practice allows our dentists to improve all facets of your dental visit — from diagnosis to treatment completion. Here is how our use of technology benefits you:

  • Precision: Digital and 3D imaging provide us with incredibly accurate views of your teeth and jaw, enabling precise diagnostics and tailored treatments.
  • Efficiency: With tools like CAD/CAM systems, procedures that once took several appointments can now be completed in a single visit.
  • Comfort: Techniques such as laser dentistry minimize discomfort and speed up recovery times, making your dental experience as painless as possible.
  • Education: Intraoral cameras and digital displays help you see what we see, making it easier for you to understand the need for certain treatments and to make informed decisions about your oral health.


Our Dental Technology

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we ensure that The Healing Art of Dentistry remains a leader in dental care. We are committed to not only maintaining but enhancing your dental health with the most sophisticated tools available.

To learn more about how our technology-driven approach can improve your dental care experience, please reach out to us at 530-241-4134. We are excited to show you the benefits of modern dentistry and dental technology in Redding, California.